4.2 Release coming soon

Hi folks,

Just to let you know, 4.2 release is progressing well and now going into the testing stage. You can track it’s progress on our GitHub page:


A preview of 4.2’s release notes:

  • New feature: Message shortcode to motivate people when they gain weight x number of times or congratulate if they lose weight x number of times. – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature: Reminder shortcode to display reminder messages for users to add a target weight or weight / measurement entry for the day. – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature: Progress bar towards target [weight-loss-tracker-progress-bar] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New Feature: Added widget for progress bar shortcode above. – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/widgets/
  • New feature: Email notifications for update of user’s target or adding / editing a weight entry: https://weight.yeken.uk/email-notifications/
  • New feature: New attribute “redirect-url” added for the shortcode [ws_ls_shortcode_form]. If specified and once the data has been saved, the user will be redirected to the given URL. Please note, the URL has to be one for the current site, otherwise the redirect will not happen (URL is passed through wp_safe_redirect()). Read more https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature / improvements: Additional hooks and filters added. Read more:
  • Improvement: Added the following to [weight-loss-tracker] shortcode: ‘hide-first-target-form’, ‘hide-second-target-form’ and ‘show-add-button’. Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • Improvement: Every license activation is now sent to YeKen.
  • Improvement: Stats now sent weekly (instead of monthly) using a WP cron job. If “Send usage data to YeKen” is enabled, usage stats will be sent on weekly basis to YeKen by a scheduled WP cron job (instead of relying on an expired cached value to trigger the send).
  • Improvement: Upgraded Chart.js to 2.5.0.
  • Bug fix: Setting “min-chart-points” attribute to 0 will now display the chart if no weight data has been entered.
  • Bug fix: Issue generating stats for a user when a target weight is entered but no user weights exist (division by zero).
  • Bug fix: Stats are instantly tidied up / re-generated if all user data is delete or an individual user deletes their data.
  • Bug fix: If no target weight has been set, the shortcode will now inform the user when the shortcode [ws_ls_weight_difference_target] is rendered.
  • Bug fix: Weight loss comparison figures shown properly when in stone / pounds.
  • Bug fix: When using [weight-loss-tracker-total-lost], Kg values are now rounded to two decimal places.

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