6.1 Beta Testing

Thanks for showing interest in Beta testing Weight Tracker! Below is a summary of the changes and how you can help test it.

Version: 6.1


A new Custom Field for adding one or more Photo fields to a user’s weight entry. This new field allows administrators to add photo fields to a weight entry form. There are various other minor tweaks and some styling changes to forms.


  • New Feature: Added a new Custom Field type of “Photos” (Pro only). This will allow site administrators to add one or more photo field per entry form.
  • New Feature: Build in tool to migrate photos from old system to new Custom Field.
  • Improvement: Removed old photo upload and migrated to to new Custom Fields.
  • Improvement: Added custom field data to email notifications.
  • Improvement: Added additional logic to remove photos from media library when no longer used by Weight Tracker (e.g. user has deleted them)
  • Improvement: Various minor tweaks to Custom fields and validation.


Please backup up your website and test the beta, ideally, on a development copy of your website. Although I’m fairly confident there is no risk of data lost, it never hurts to be safe! Please test at your own risk.

What to test?

Ideally, I want you to use the plugin as a typical end user without any prompt from me – test and play with it as you would normally. However, there are a few specific aspects I would like you all to test if possible:

  • Migration from the pre 6.1 photo system. If photos were already enabled, then a new Custom Field should be created and existing photos migrated automatically for each weight entry.
  • Create one or more photo fields. Add and edit an entrie as both an end user or administrator.
  • Ensure photos are deleted from the media library when an entry is deleted or edited.
  • Ensure photos are deleted from the media library if the photo Custom Field is deleted.
  • Check form widgets still work as expected.
  • Check photo and gallery related shortcodes work as expected.
  • Visit the Dashboard > Weight Tracker > Help page and examine the new log.

Issues / Feedback / Help

If you come across any issues or have feedback, please email me as much detail to:


Also, PLEASE let me know if you like it and it works 🙂 Just so I know I have at least one succcesful test and a small ego boost! ha!


The latest beta can be downloaded here:

Download 6.1 Beta 1

How to install

  1. Remove any previous versions of Weight Tracker via Dashboard > Plugins.
  2. Download the following zip file: Download
  3. Upload via Dashboard > Plugins > Add new.
  4. Activate the plugin.


  1. Remove the beta version of Weight Tracker via Dashboard > Plugins > Weight Tracker.
  2. Install the public version of Weight Tracker via Dashboard > Plugins.

Contact me

Use the following form to contact me, or, if you prefer, drop an email to email@yeken.uk.