Aerial Filming

At the beginning of 2015, I invested in an aerial drone as a hobby to capture footage of the places I love. Since getting it, I try to get out every opportunity I get, however, as with everyone, work, kids, life and the weather need to be negotiated. Anyway, after some saving, I bought a DJI Phantom 2! Since then, my aerial filming has gone from strength to strength – mainly due to better locations, improvement in flight skills and learning how to use Adobe Premiere / After Effects for video editing.

The Equipment

The DJI Phantom 2 is an impressive bit of kit and a good balance between amateur and professional flying. Within a few hours you’re able to grasp the basics of flight and able to start producing your own films.

To capture films, I use a Go Pro 3+ – a small high performance camera able to capture video upto 1080p60. Originally bought for cycling, it’s perfect for attaching to a drone. To stablise the video I use a Zenmuse Hd-3D gimbal (otherwise any footage would be shaky due to the drone’s movement). A great set up for aerial filming.

To fly the drone, you can fly it by watching it in the sky or in First Person View. I extended my DJI Phantom 2 to have a video transmitter. This transmits the feed from the GoPro to the monitor attached to my controller. This setup gives me the option to fly it in a first person view and also direct the camera.

Looking for some aerial footage?

If you’re needing some aerial footage or have a suggestion for places to film then please get in touch with me! This is a hobby for me and not a commercial enterprise. Please bare in mind I will only film locations that personally interest me or help promote Dundee, Scotland, etc.

Please note: As a hobbyist, I’m able to fly without Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission. The caveat of this is, I’m not allowed to do aerial filming for commercial gain i.e. I can’t be paid. However, if your location / idea interests me and I’m free then I’m likely to film it. So please, get in touch! Charity causes go to the front of the queue.

Looking forward…

In the future, once I gain a CAA license, I’m thinking about moving into commercial aerial videos. Filming various types of events (including wedding aerial filming) would be a great challenge.