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Aerial photos of the flooding of Drumgeith Park in Dundee

If you live in the UK, then you’re probably well aware that the opening weeks of 2016 were a constant down pour;  I can’t remember a time when it rained for so many consecutive days. As you can imagine, this lead to flooding across the country. Fortunately Dundee didn’t suffer too greatly!

Below are some photos of Drumgeith Park in Dundee (as seen in my previous football video filming Riverside CSC). A river, the Dighty Burn, runs along the south edges of the park and burst it’s bank with the continuous rain. The park has been a natural flood plain since the dawn of time, however I’ve never seen it flooded this badly. In some places you can see the water is around a foot from reaching the crossbar of the goal posts!

I’m pretty sure I even managed to catch a photo of Ben Smith who lost a bet and had to sail out on an inflated lilo! Rather him than me!

Press Featured

My photos were used by the Dundee’s Evening Telegraph – both in print and on their website!


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