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AJAX Signup for Drip no longer supported

As of 21st June 2017, I’m afraid to say we will no longer be maintaining our WordPress plugin “AJAX Signup forms for Drip”. However, if you wish to have a copy of it and maintain / modify it then you can download it here:

Below the description that used to be posted on WordPress.org:

“AJAX Signup forms for Drip” is a plugin that allows you to place one or more subscribe forms for Drip (www.getdrip.com) on your site. Using Shortcodes (or direct PHP calls) a form that captures an email address can be placed. Using AJAX, the email is submitted to Drip (www.getdrip.com) without refreshing the page. All dialog boxes are presented using Sweet Alert (http://t4t5.github.io/sweetalert/).

You can drop as many shortcodes as you wish and a new subscribe form is dropped. You can associate each form with a Drip Campaign by specifying the ID (shortcode attribute “campaign_id”).

Once a form has been completed successfully, a CSS class (defined by shortcode attribute “already_submitted_class”) is added to all Drip AJAX Signup forms and a cookie is set. This allows you to hide them if you wish.

Please read the FAQ on how to place the shortcode / PHP call.

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