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4.2 Release coming soon

Hi folks, Just to let you know, 4.2 release is progressing well and now going into the testing stage. You can track it’s progress on our GitHub page: A preview of 4.2’s release notes: New feature: Message shortcode to motivate people when they gain weight x number of times or congratulate if they lose weight x number of times. – Read more: New feature: Reminder shortcode to display reminder messages for users to add a target weight or weight / measurement entry for the day. – Read more: New feature: Progress bar towards target [weight-loss-tracker-progress-bar] – Read […]

New site for Weight Loss Tracker

With the growing popularity of the WordPress plugin Weight Loss Tracker we have decided to create a small independent website to support it. The idea of this site, is to provide a centralised place for information and resources regarding the plugin. We would like to thank everyone for their support and please don’t hesitate get in touch with any issues or suggestions!  

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