Installation of an iOSD mini

DSC01696After 7 or 8 months of flying my Phantom 2, I came across the iOSD mini. My current setup included a Phantom 2, Zenmuse Hd-3D gimbal,  Immersion Rc 600mw 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter and a Black Pearl High Def Monitor. This combination allowed me to film in the air and transmit the live video to my controller. Brilliant.

Over time, when flying at increasing distances (in height and distance), it can become nerve wrecking. Of course, by CAA regulations I always keep my Phantom 2 within distances of 500m horizontally and 400ft in height and these distances are enforced by the Phantom 2 firmware. So, I’ve always had a sense that I’m within legal bounds but with only a video feed I have no gauge of these figures. Anyway, while browsing the DJI shop I came across the iOSD mini.

A great little bit of kit. The iOSD mini overlays crucial flight data on the video feed, including:

  • Distance from starting GPS location (height / horizontal)
  • Horizontal speed
  • Vertical speed
  • A compass giving you visual and numeric indication of the direction of the drone from you.
  • Number of GPS satellites
  • Battery Level
  • and much more.

Having the iOSD mini has instantly given me a boost in confidence. A great example was filming over the Tay estuary… able to just 2 metres from the surface of the water with great accuracy and no worrying… I highly recommend everyone gets the iOSD mini fitted.

Installing the iOSD mini

The internet is great for finding a good installation guide. After a quick search on YouTube I found the following video:

I started by taking the drone case off and moving the data connection port on the leg inside the drone. Using a previously bought pre-wired cable I connected the transmitter to the iOSD mini. Did a few quick tests and then stuck all the components down so they didn’t move within the case. Few additional tie wraps here and there and sorted!

Been flying for months with no issues but a lot more confidence!


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