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New documentation sites

To help my clients get the best out of my plugins, I’ve recently built two new documentation sites. One for Weight Tracker and the other for Meal Tracker. Previously these sites were built with WordPress, which means I had two additional websites to maintain (even though easier as part of a multisite). The biggest struggle for me, and probably most developers, is getting the motivation to update the documentation with every new release! I wanted to remove the need of WordPress for each documentation site and ensure I had a way to deploy documentation alongside my code deploys. After some […]

Wire-framing a new Weight Tracker interface

I’ve decided it’s time to start wire-framing a new User Interface (UI) for Weight Tracker. I’m looking to develop a clean, modern, responsive and built in React.js – so fast and highly interactive. I’m not expecting the design and development process to be quick, however, I am really looking for a panel of people to run ideas past! If it’s of interest, please get in touch: [email protected] The future? I’m also considering other ideas like merging Meal Tracker into Weight Tracker and expand with a range of new features over the versions.

8.0 Beta Testing

As some of you know, I have been working hard on version 8.0 of Weight Tracker and I’m looking for some of you to kindly help me beta test Huge re-write With over 150 files modified, I have drastically focused on refactoring older code, improving caching and optimising database queries. I’m hoping you will all notice an improvement in speed and reduced server resources. New Features Measurements have been removed and migrated into custom fields. Numeric custom fields are now plottable on charts. Custom fields and targets can be displayed on bar charts. Improvements and bug fixes For everything in […]

7.0.8 Released

Improvement: Added screens to view user’s for a given group (also able to remove). Improvement: Added a setting enable user’s to edit their group. Bug Fix: Fixed Latest 100 / 500 entries on user data summary to fetch latest entries instead of oldest.

7.0.7 Released

Improvement: On user summary page, changed “Show All Entries” to “Show 500 most recent”. On large sites, fetching all data was causing performance issues. Bug Fix: Fixed issues with selected=”selected” randomly appearing. Bug fix: Removed duplicate chart opacity setting.

7.0.6 Released

Improvement: Added shortcode for user’s previous weight [wlt-weight-previous] Improvement: Issue 179. Optimised deletion of redundant stats entries. Improvement: Issue 195. Increased award title length to 200 characters. Improvement: Issue 188. Display an admin warning if the Weight Tracker license expires within 14 days! Improvement: Issue 177. Updated Chart.js library.

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