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5.2.12 Released

Improvement: Refactored User preferences code so it can be extended. Improvement: Added new filters “wlt-filter-admin-user-sidebar-top”, “wlt-filter-admin-user-sidebar-middle” and “wlt-filter-admin-user-sidebar-bottom” to allow developers to add HTML to user sidebar in “Manage Data”. Improvement: Added new filter “wlt-filter-js-ws-ls-config” to allow developers to filter JS config. Improvement: Added new filter “wlt-filter-user-settings-below-aim” to allow developers to add to the User settings page. Improvement: Added the filters ‘wlt-filter-user-settings-db-formats’ and ‘wlt-filter-user-settings-save-fields’ to allow a developer to save other user preference fields. Bug fix: Stopped [wlt-calories] and [wlt-macronutrients] throwing an error when the user was logged out. Thanks @MARKONEX Big fix: Fixed a bug where “Your modifications have […]

Why not create a registration wizard?

I recently created a site called and as outlined here, it serves as a demo site as well as a tool for real people! Building the site, gave me the opportunity to the plugin in the way a web developer / customer would. One feature I found missing that would benefit the plugin was a “Registration Wizard”. Ideally, before allowing people full use of the site, I wanted them to complete a three step sign up process. This process will ensure the user completed their “About You” fields, latest weight and finally their target. So, using the new [wlt-if] […]

5.2.8 Released

Improvement: Added a new “About You” field called “Aim”. This allows the user (or Admin) to specify their aim e.g. maintain, gain, or lose weight. Improvement: Expanded [wlt-if] to include a new field of “aim”. Read more: Improvement: Calorie caps can now be disabled by setting them to 0. Improvement: jQuery validation added to prompt the user to upload a smaller image if above file size limit. Improvement: New setting to limit the file size of images being uploaded. Improvement: Added check to ensure [wlt] shortcode is only placed once on a page or post. Improvement: An email is […]

5.2.4 Released

Improvement: Added an Advanced tab to [wlt] shortcode to display a BMI, BMR, Calories and Macronutrients. This tab can be hidden with the attribute “hide-tab-advanced” – Read more: Improvement: Added a Photos tab to [wlt] shortcode to display a gallery. This tab can be hidden with the attribute “hide-tab-photos” – Read more: Improvement: Added footable.js to Macronutrient and Calorie tables in Admin (tables looks a lot better in responsive mode). Improvement: Added “alternate” class for Macronutrient table to make alternative rows stand out. Bug fix: Ensured “No data found” can be translated on data tables. Bug fix: Show […]

5.2.2 Released

Improvement: Added footable.js to Macronutrient and Calorie tables (tables looks a lot better in responsive mode). Bug fix: Fixed “Can’t use return function in write context” appearing in older versions of PHP. Bug fix: Ensured “Measurements are in” can be translated. Bug fix: Ensured “Search” text on new data tables can be translated.

5.2 Released

Photo Uploads! New field on attachments “Don’t show to public” (set to true by default) to stop user photo’s being rendered on standard attachment pages. Users can now upload / replace / remove a photo alongside their weight / measurement entries. Admin can view all photos uploaded by a user. Admin can upload / replace / remove a user’s photo. New shortcode [wlt-photo-count] to display the number of photos uploaded by the user – Read more: New shortcode [wlt-photo-oldest] to display the user’s oldest photo – Read more: New shortcode [wlt-photo-recent] to display the user’s most recent photo – […]

Our new Weight Tracking site!

Recently I decided to build my own website for people to track their weight for free! Having a Weight Loss Tracker plugin of my own, it made sense to build a website using it! Besides providing people with a service, it will allow me to develop and test my site in different ways. I’ll now be able to use my plugin as an end user and have access to a larger range of data to test with – that can only be good news for the progression of the plugin! So please, [fruitful_btn link=”” color=”success” size=”large”]Visit Track Your Weight[/fruitful_btn]  

5.1.6 Released

Improvement: Added “strip-p-br” argument to [wlt-if] shortcode. – Read more: Improvement: Added .pot file. Updated language files. Bug fix: Search results now shows user’s that have no weight entries.

5.1.5 Released

Improvement: [wlt-if] can now be nested. You can nest [wlt-if] statements upto three levels deep. – Read more: Improvement: [wlt-if] field now supports one or more fields (creating an AND statement). Fields can be specified in a comma delimited list. – Read more: Improvement: Prompt to login text when [wlt-form] is in target mode has been modified to remove reference to weight entry. Improvement: Added additional text to display whether the measurements are optional or mandatory. Improvement: Added a license check to be performed on software update. Improvement: Added [wlt-bmi] – a shorter name for [wlt-recent-bmi].- Read more: […]

5.1.4 Released

Improvement: Added new field “logged-in” to [wlt-if]. Allows you to check whether user is logged in. – Read more. Improvement: Added “redirect-url” argument to [wlt-user-settings] shortcode – Read more. Improvement: Added some translations for Spanish / Spanish Latin America (es_MX). Thanks Gerardopianist! Bug fix: Fixed issue where Stones / Pounds was displaying 14 pounds instead of incrementing stones when displaying comparison weights.

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