Why the licensing model has changed

As of 5.1, I have decided to change the way the Weight Loss Tracker plugin is licensed. Currently licensing is a one-off fee of £30 and this gives you access to all of Pro features indefinitely.

Moving to a yearly license

However, to support development of new features and ongoing maintenance I’ve decided to change the license to be yearly. I feel this is fair as I actively improve the plugin and people receive more for their money each year.

Licenses bought pre 5.1 (Sept 2017)

Of course, if you bought your Pro license pre 5.1, I will honour the one-off fee and indefinite usage. Of course, I’d give you a big hug if you changed to a yearly license.

New Pro Plus tier

Another addition to 5.1 is the new Pro Pro license. This includes all the features of Pro, however contains more advanced features that are aimed and professionals (e.g. BMR, Calorie intake, etc).


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