With Covid-19 hitting the scene, I decided to build a simple plugin that allowed people to quickly add a “Track and Trace” form to their site. Then, a good friend, suggested that I modified it to be an attendance register. It acts in the same way, but a little less Covid focused. In essence, it allows venues, schools, hospitals, etc to point their users to a URL where they can quickly complete the (customisable) form.

Using the admin interface, staff can then view all the people that have visited on a given day and export their data if required.

More Detail

(taken from WordPress.org)

Quickly and easily create an Attendance Register form to your website. Whether it’s to register users for a class, a Covid-19 “Track and Trace” form for your visitors, etc. Specify the fields that you wish to collect and simply direct your customers to it. All entries can be view and exported via the admin interface.


  • Easy to place form with the following configurable fields:
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Arrival Date
    • Arrival Time
    • Venue


Purchase the Premium plugin from https://shop.yeken.uk/product/attendance-register/ and get these additional features:

  • Force to today’s date. Save the user selecting today’s date by forcing the date to be today.
  • Restrict Venue to a selection (dropdown list). Instead of allowing users to manually enter their venue, provide and restrict them to dropdown list of venues.
  • Search and autocomplete. If enabled, when typing a user’s full name, the plugin will search the WordPress user table. When a user is selected, the user’s email address and name shall be auto completed..
  • Estimated Departure Time. An additional field to specify the estimated departure time.
  • Number of People in Party. An additional field to specify the number of users in the party.
  • Google reCaptcha. Reduce the risk of Spam form submissions with Google reCaptcha support.
  • View entries for any day. Additional options on the entries page for fetching entries for any given date.
  • Export to CSV. Export your Track and Trace entries to CSV.