With the success of Weight Tracker, it was clear a demand existed for Meal Tracker. Professionals using Weight Tracker were asking for meal tracking features to be built into Weight Tracker. However, I felt it would be better as a plugin in its own right, therefore, Meal Tracker was born.

As the name suggests, it allows a site’s users to track their meal and calorie intake for any day; having the ability to search their own meal collections, admin meal collections or search external APIs like FatSecrets. With a feature rich admin interface, professionals are able to view and provide support around a user’s calorie intake.

I’m proud to say it’s currently activate on just under 200 websites and has a user rating of 5/5 on WordPress.org.


Meal Tracker Documentation 

More Detail

(taken from WordPress.org)

Extend your site by allowing your users to track their meals and calorie intake. Calorie targets for the day can be set by admins, the users or automatically pulled from Yeken’s Weight Tracker.


  • Your user’s can log their meals and calorie intake.
  • Visual graph to show your user the percentage of their daily allowance used.
  • Add meals for Breakfast, Mid-morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner and Evening.
  • View total calorie intake for the entire day or a breakdown.
  • Each user has their own meal collection.
  • Users can create and edit their meals.

Premium Features:

  • As an administrator, you can view your user’s progress and entries.
  • Your user’s can have Unlimited meals.
  • If enabled, allow your users to record meals for any date, future or past.
  • Allow your users to search other user’s meals.
  • Support for Macronutrients.
  • Search external APIs (like Fatsecrets) for meals.
  • FatSecrets Food and Recipe API are supported.
  • Meal Collection – create a library of meals for your users to search.
  • Fractional meal quantities – If enabled (via settings) additional quantity settings of 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 are available when adding meals to an entry.
  • View, edit and delete meals in your user’s meal collection.