Quick peeks – small aerial videos

As time has gone on, I’ve taken more and more aerial footage. The majority of the time I edit down raw footage to make a finished video. However, I often take footage that wouldn’t really suit a full video – the footage maybe too short, not enough of interest etc. Therefore, I’ve created this page to post “Quick peeks”… little clips that may interest people but wouldn’t be enough to make a full video.

So please, watch and enjoy…

[vimeography id=”2″]

Videos include:

  1. Quick Peek: Vandalism at the old Keiller factory, Dundee, Scotland
  2. Quick Peek – Sidlaw Hills overlooking Dundee
  3. Quick Peek – Longhaugh shopping centre demolition
  4. Riverside CSC – Analysis footage
  5. Dundee and Angus College – Kingsway Campus teaser
  6. Tayport Teaser – a sneak peek of today’s footage