Survey results for new admin area – Version 5.0

Recently I mailed plugin users asking for their opinion on improving the admin side of the plugin;  In particular, I wanted them to focus on methods / interfaces for accessing their members data in meaningful ways and allow their coaches to aid their members better.

Firstly, thank you all for your replies – they have been great. Besides showing me I’m thinking in the right direction, they have given me some great ideas.

Draft 5.0 Release

I’ve decided that the new admin area will be version 5.0 as it will hopefully bring a large improvement to the plugin. From your feedback, it will have (at least) the following features:

  • An admin summary page with the following features:
    • Stats around the number of members that have added weight entries.
    • Stats around who has lost the most weight over a filterable time scale.
    • A search bar that allows administrators to search for a given member.
  • Each member will have a “record card” which allows administrators to quickly see the following:
    • Quick summary data: Start weight / date, recent weight / date, target weight, height, current BMI, etc.
    • All of their entries in tabular format (with the 10 most recent displayed first).
    • A graph showing their entries (to replicate what the user would see in the front end).
  • Ability to add, edit and delete all user entries.
  • Improved data tables.
    • View all columns at once without the need to expand rows.
    • Toggle on and off columns that are not of interest.
    • Sort by all columns.
    • Visual indicator to show whether the user gained or lost weight between entries.
  • Ability to print charts (this requires further research to see if possible)
  • Increase granularity of entries. Some users are interested in knowing additional data about a person’s entry. So I’ll look into adding extra information like timestamps, IP addresses, user agents, etc.
  • Export data in CSV / JSON formats.


Currently I’m on track with my aims, however before really starting on 5.0 I want to work a little more on 4.2. I have some small enhancements logged that would be quick wins to add.

So hopefully I will do some wire frames over the next few weeks and then take it from there.

So guess we maybe around June / July – hopefully earlier.

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